Let Nurses Do Their Jobs

Reform Scope-of-Practice Laws

Published March, 2017

The worst part is, these laws don’t actually make us safer.
— Christopher Koopman, Research Fellow at the Mercatus Center


The Mercatus Center




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Some states don't trust nurses to do their jobs.

And it's costing us all a lot of money.

It's all because of so-called "scope of practice" laws. Sounds boring enough, right? In some states, these laws essentially ban nurses (and other non-MDs like physician assistants) from treating patients who are sick or injured. That means trained doctors are spending lots of time treating things like the common cold when they could be off doing more complex medical work. 

Developed in collaboration with scholars at the Mercatus Center, this video introduces state lawmakers and other advocates to a concrete policy prescription for lowering healthcare costs in their own states.